AV system Installation, Catania Lounge

AV system Installation, Catania Lounge

The project

Audio public address system

Various products from Martin Audio Systems were integrated to achieve the perfect immersive sound experience with the main system comprising primarily The Blackline series XP15 is a self-powered two-way system designed by leading acoustic engineers for indoor portable applications and installations that require powerful performance from a single portable loudspeaker which have been installed throughout the venue.

Along with Blackline series the XP118 was deployed as well, it is a compact, high performance subwoofer for indoor, It extends the low frequency operating range of the combined system down to 42Hz and can be used singly, stacked in omni or cardioid mode, or flown via integral M10 insets.

Along with the The ADORN series from Martin Audio, A55 is a two-way passive speaker with an elegant design that is perfect for architectural environments that require high-fidelity sound from an unobtrusive, ultra-compact enclosure.

Audio amplifiers

For clean sound reproduction, We choose the amplifiers from Powersoft, including Quattrocanali 1204 offers the traditionally amazing sound quality and reliability.

Audio consoles mixer

To generate a perfect Audio mixing, We use M32R from Midas consoles, Digital Console for Live and Studio with 40 Input-Channels, 16 Midas PRO Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses

Rigging and Truss

To create the perfect grid for all the lighting fixtures, We use black 34 CM truss, square profile geometry for larger loads with variable diameters

Lighting fixtures

The selected lighting fixtures by Vision Pro lighting, to immensely aid in creating Catania Lounge ’s unique theatrical atmosphere. The Sparkly VPL 2RN  moving heads were selected, because of the full control of the light beam and coverage. In addition to this, We use Viper LED 150 BSW as Spot Beem Wash moving head and VLED 934 for the stage.

special effects

For the special effects on the stage, We use the V-3 as spark machine from DJ Power, The Spark machine produces a fantastic, non-hazardous effect that looks like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics, adopting the brand-new control system and standard DMX Control to realize multiple stage special effects. It thoroughly changed the drawbacks on traditional cold fireworks such as danger caused by gunpowder, environmental pollution, restricted for use etc.

Light control

The complete light system was controlled via Chamsys MagicQ Two Universe DMX Interface, with MagicQ software to maximize the light controlling throw the iPad or mobile


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There is a new, opulent restaurant called Catania Lounge. A fine dining meal with international influences and theatrically staged entertainment is the backdrop to all of this. This new Al Reem Island  Abu Dhabi restaurant is influenced by Catania Lounge, promising to capture the spirit of this great wonder of the ancient world.

To honor this place of wonder the venue opened with Martin’s intelligent audio systems, Vision Pro’s lighting fixtures, Vision Pro’s effect machines, from DB Lumen’s portfolio to take the restaurant/Lounge to the next level.


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